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Bringing up Bryan: Becoming a healthier, happier toddler

Posted on 12/14/18 in General News

 *Bryan was welcomed in Virlanie’s Babies and Toddlers Home (BTH) on the day of Virlanie Foundation’s 25th anniversary when he was 11 months old.

At that time, Bryan’s development age was compared to only a 5-month old baby, a 6-month delay compared to his real age, in terms of his social, motor, and speech skills. He wasn’t responding to the adults and other toddlers who were interacting with him and was unable to stand up with the help of guides yet and could only crawl slowly.

Bryan also had a weak immune system which manifested in the length of time he needed to recover from sicknesses such as cough and colds in his first few months at BTH. In the past year, he has already been admitted at Makati Doctors’ Hospital twice.

Earlier this year, a volunteer occupational therapist from Belgium advised Bryan’s caretakers to let him roam and pull himself up on raised guides such as table edges and up and down the stairs so he may learn how to walk.

With assistance from BTH’s caregivers, Bryan finally learned how to walk last June. He has also become more sociable and playful with other toddlers and his caregivers and can identify (the names of) the people around him.

Our Babies and Toddlers home gives children the holistic nurturance and care they need to fully develop into stronger, healthier children.

These include activities to enhance their fine motor and cognitive skills, and expressive language. Virlanie medical team also constantly monitor their health and provide immediate medical response in the event of illnesses. The team makes sure to provide them with a daily balanced diet and nutrition, as well as vitamins, for all of them.

Through the kind and generous support of our sponsors such as Children’s Hour, babies and toddlers like Bryan are given the services, love and care they need at their age.

Now two years old, Bryan has grown into a strong, happy, bouncy toddler who likes to socialize with the other toddlers at BTH. He even enjoys playing on the playground, with swings and slides being his favorite. He is also scheduled to have a neuro-developmental assessment with a developmental pediatrician soon to determine his cognitive development age.

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