Giving Back The Smile to Street Children

Success Stories

Meet some of our children.

Jhon and Jessah

Jessah Jessah is a true success story in our Aime Home. Neglected by her own family, the child suffered quite early. Through the love and care of the staff, she was able to show significant progress. Formerly attending a transition level class and only being taught functional life skills (such as cooking, table setting and self-care), Jessah exhibited initiative, adeptness, and eagerness to learn. Due to these values, she was promoted to the ALS-DAP (Alternative Living Skills-Differently Abled Persons) class in her school, Pio Del Pilar SPEd Center. This class prepares the students for real life, furthering their skills and values in order to be accepted for work. Once she passes this class, she will be able to land a job and start a new life.

Jhon Jhon was found wandering along Taft Avenue before he was admitted to Virlanie’s Aime Home in 2006. After his admission, the staff observed that he displayed erratic behavior like sitting in one corner and murmuring unintelligible sounds. To their surprise, Jhon has a high affinity for music as they observed that he listens to rhythms and at times, even rocks to its beat. Slowly, he started talking and interacting with the staff positively. He eventually reached a milestone in his life when he was accepted to an external school. He showed there that he was able to rise to the challenge. There is hope that someday he will also be admitted to the ALS-DAP class. Through the staff’s help and his sponsor’s support, he emerged from frailty into a definite possibility.


Retchel Retchel Ann is a young adult from Estero de Magallanes, one of Virlanie’s assisted communities. She is the eldest among the four children. Her mother sells food on the streets while her father does odd jobs every now and then. Although the sponsorship program covers her tuition fees, she works at night as a salesperson to help provide for her family. This year, Retchel will be the first in her family to graduate from college.

“She was very shy before but she transformed into a confident person who shows initiative to help her community. Retchel is very grateful to her sponsor for helping her and her family,” said Emma, a Virlanie Social Worker who has supported her since the start of her sponsorship.


Piolo Piolo is one of the beneficiaries of Virlanie’s Foundation’s LIFE Program (Living Independently for Full Empowerment). He has been with Virlanie since he was 5 years old and he was one of the behaviorally challenged young adults back then. There were times when he stopped schooling but because of the trust and support his sponsor gave him, he was able to finish his Visual Graphics course in Microcadd Institute in Quezon City last March 2012. He is working as a Junior Content Officer at CashCashPinoy, an online shopping site in the Philippines, for almost a year now.

“I’m very grateful to Virlanie for giving me a good home and family. The house parents and social workers treated me as their own child and are always there to guide me, support me and believe that I can do everything with perseverance and patience even if I’m sometimes at fault. They taught me good manners, provided me a good education, provided me my basic needs, and taught me valuable life lessons I can apply in my own life. I couldn’t have done everything without the help of Virlanie,”


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