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What can I write to my sponsored child?

We encourage you to write to your sponsored child as they are very sensitive to the moral support you give them. The children are very curious about you and your family, your culture and daily activities and enjoy receiving letters. Please remember that the majority of the children have had difficult upbringings, so avoid being intrusive and let the child decide if he/she wants to tell his/her own story. Finally, please do not give your personal address to your sponsored child, for confidentiality reasons.

What can I expect from the relationship with my sponsored child?

Children cherish the relationship they have with their sponsors. However, some of them have trouble talking about them and are not used to writing letters. Trust can take time to build.

Can I communicate with a special sponsored child?

You can communicate with him/her as you would with any other child. The social worker or the child's family will help him/her to read your letters and write back to you.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Of course. The meeting between a child and sponsor is generally a very intense moment. If you would like to visit Virlanie and meet your sponsored child (or the program and children you support as a collective sponsor), the first step is to contact, and it will be our pleasure to organize this.

Can I send a gift to my sponsored child?

You can send a gift or an extra amount of money to your sponsored child. If you send money, it will be given to the social worker in order to help your sponsored child use it wisely. Your money goes a long way in the Philippines. For example, the average wage in the Philippines is PHP 300/day. This is the equivalent of 5 €. or 7 US$. If it is thoughtful of you to send gifts, we remind you that sending too many might create envy between the children.

How long does a sponsorship last?

Individual child sponsorship normally finishes when the child is ready to be independent and leaves Virlanie. However, in some cases, such as when a child is waiting for adoption, reunification with their family or cannot adapt to life in the foundation, sponsorship may end when the child leaves the Foundation (e.g. in the case of family reunification, if the family has the financial capacity to support them).

As collective sponsorship is not directly linked to a child but to a Virlanie program, the length is indefinite. For both individual sponsorship and collective sponsorship, long-term commitment is preferable (at least for one year).

What happens when my sponsored child is ready to leave Virlanie?

When your sponsored child is ready for independent living, reunified with his/her family or adopted, you will receive a closing summary written by the social worker. If you wish to continue your sponsorship and help another child at Virlanie, we will send you a new case summary introducing the new child.

Can I make a legacy to my sponsored child?

If you wish to make a request, we strongly advise you to do so for the benefit of all the children of the Foundation. If you would like more information on the way to proceed, please contact us at

What can I do to help?

There are various ways to give a hand.

  • Provide for our children's need in kind or in cash
  • Volunteer your time and talents
  • Organize an outreach program
  • Purchase products made by our beneficiaries 
  • Like and follow us in social networking sites like Facebook and twitter

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