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Together for Jasder - completed

Posted on 03/29/16 in Fundraising Activities


Have you met Jasder?

He’s a little 5-year-old boy who lives in Virlanie’s Babies and Toddler Home (BTH) in Makati City. He has blue lips, swollen eyes, and an alarmingly thin body. Jasder suffers from a heart defect* which prevents him from living a normal childhood. This heart defect could be fatal. The good news is, with the proper medical care, Jasder could experience a full recovery and he’ll be able to play with all his other friends in BTH!

The situation is critical and urgent. Jasder must undergo surgery in March 2016. This is why Virlanie Foundation is mobilizing all its resources to find the funds for the operation, which amounts to P500,000 (or €9,500 ).

We have a month to raise the needed funds, from February 19 to March 20, 2016.


We look forward to seeing Jasder smile again!

Let’s do it all #TogetherForJasder!

Updates February 23, 2016

You may donate online or through bank transfer.

Online Donation

You may donate via UShare (Credit Card, Local Banks’ ATM Payments, Outlets such as LBC, SM, Cebuana Lhuillier).


You may also donate via Paypal (Credit Card and/or Paypal funds).

Account Name: Virlanie Foundation, Inc.
Bank Name: Banco De Oro
Vito Cruz - Taft Avenue Branch
Peso Account #: 0045 8000 2426
USD account #: 1045 8010 8577
EURO account #: 3045 8011 2833

Send us a photo of your deposit slip to, and specify that the donation is for the campaign #TogetherForJasder.


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More details about the defect: 

* Jasder suffers a heart birth defect called "Tetralogy of Fallot", which results in insufficient oxygenation of blood. This deficiency constantly weakens and prevents him from living a normal childhood. The slightest physical effort, such as playing, can cause discomfort. We want to see Jasder play like normal 5-year-old, but for that to happen he needs a surgical operation which consists of a “shunt insertion”.


February 23, 2016: 

Your support and quick response for Jasder's heart surgery has made a true impact in his life. Last Saturday, February 20, he was able to undergo a successful operation! He is now recovering in the Pediatric ICU, and will be discharged after an estimate of two weeks.

We've raised a little under PHP 375,000 out of the PHP 500,000 target. We still need to raise more funds for his finished operation, so let us continue sharing and supporting this campaign #TogetherForJasder.

Why did Jasder need an earlier operation?
Last Wednesday, February 17, Jasder’s whole body turned gray while going down the staircase of Babies & Toddlers Home. Our nurses quickly gave him oxygen, and while this provided relief to his body, his caretakers knew that there wasn’t any more time to lose.
Virlanie Foundation then admitted him to the hospital the very next day, in an attempt to avoid more incidents. Virlanie advanced the cost of PHP 200,000 to the hospital, but PHP 500,000 still needs to be attained.
On Friday, Jasder went through specific procedures and lab tests to clear him for his operation. By Saturday at 8:00AM, he underwent total heart repair, in addition to other minor medical concerns that the doctors addressed. By 2:00PM, he was moved to the recovery room.
Today, Jasder has been moved to the Pediatric Intense Care Unit (PICU). Virlanie staff cannot help be feel emotional over the fact that Jasder may now live as a normal little boy. Jasder is expected to be discharged from the hospital two weeks from now


March 8, 2016

Since February 29, Jasder was transferred from the Pediatric ICU to the private ward where he has been under close monitoring. He has been more generous with his smiles, he loves his coloring books, and he looks so much better! This is thanks to you.

Currently, he's still being asked to stay in the hospital after some minor medical concerns. Overall, Jasder is on the way to a full recovery!

THE GOOD NEWS - we've reached our target goal of P500,000, but the campaign is still ongoing until March 20, 2016. Thank you so much!

Since Jasder is still confined in the hospital, it's important for us to keep this campaign running as we still don't have the final hospital bill. Also, should there be any excess in the funds raised for #TogetherForJasder, it will be allotted for his post-medication and maintenance, in addition to Virlanie opening an medical emergency account for similar cases to Jasder.

Thank you for being part of this campaign, and let's continue making a difference #TogetherForJasder


March 14 2016


Last March 12, Jasder was finally discharged from the hospital after staying there for twenty-four (24) days!
We are SO happy, and know that this would not have been possible without you!

We are still expecting regular check-ups for Jasder on March 21 and March 23. Thank you SO much for loving and helping this little boy -- you've made such a difference in his life!

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU from Virlanie Foundation! All the excess funds will be allotted for Jasder's post-operation maintenance, and towards Virlanie's medical emergency account.


March 16, 2016

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