Giving Back The Smile to Street Children


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We believe that education is not limited within the four walls of a classroom -- it is a diverse platform wherein creativity, empowerment, knowledge, and independence are within reach.

With your support, we can continue championing a brighter future for our children, young adults, and marginalized mothers who need it most.

#GiveToAchieve is our non-formal education campaign running from September to November 2016.

The campaign target is PHP 2,000,000 which will be distributed among Virlanie’s four (4) non-formal education programs: iLead Open Day Center for Education & Training, Magellan Learning Center, Independent Living Program, SiBuHi Center

 Be part of their brighter future.  

Join the Campaign #Give2Achieve


*Please indicate (in the comments box in Paypal) that the donation is for the #Give2Achieve campaign.

PHP 1,000 PHP 2,000 PHP 5,000 PHP 9,000
can help 1 young adult from ILP to complete the Job Readiness Training. can help 2 children to go to Magellan Learning Center during 1 month.

can help provide 1 year of Sibuhi support for 1 child.

can help provide 1 complete cooking training in iLead ODC-ET for 1 mother like Jairah.


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*Kindly indicate that the donation is for the #Give2Achieve campaign.


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    Meet Clinton

    Clinton is a mischievous 14-year-old boy, full of boundless energy that he didn’t know how to control or channel well.

    Because of this, he displayed disruptive behavior both to his teachers and friends.

    Thanks to his guitar training, Clinton was able to learn the rigors and the discipline it takes to be a good musician.

    He now listens to adults, and shows better ways of communicating with his peers. So much has changed for the better for Clinton, all thanks to the healing power of music!

    You achieve CREATIVITY for children like Clinton when you donate.


    SiBuHi Center

    Virlanie created a support program called SiBuHi (Sining, Buhay, Hilom - Art, Life, Healing) in 1997 for children to hone and discover a wide array of cultural, artistic, and other recreational activities to reach not only their developmental milestones, but also to reinforce the children’s self-esteem and confidence. By introducing the children to these kinds of activities, they can start developing self-discipline, patience, and perseverance. It also gives them a great sense of accomplishment, when they themselves see their progress!



    Meet Apple

    Since she was a child, Apple learned to stand on her own feet. Her parents neglected her and no one protected her but herself. She forgot how it felt to be a child. She even forgot to dream.

    But everything changed when she came to Virlanie. At Virlanie, she was able to go to school and learned that she wanted to become a teacher.

    Through Independent Living Program, her dreams became within reach. She attended different trainings which honed her skills. Her view on independence too, changed. It does not only mean you can stand on your own, it also means being able to dream and work hard to achieve it.

    You achieve INDEPENDENCEfor young adults like Apple when you donate.

    Independent Living Program

    ILP empowers and supports the young adults to become self-sustaining and independent individuals.

    Under the program’s main activities are efforts to:
    - Strengthen the young adults’ leadership, professional skills, life skills, and core values;
    - Educate them on environment conservation and responsibility;
    - Prepare them to face practical challenges like finding a place to live, finding a job, and managing one’s budget; and
    - Monitor the progress of the young adults who are living independently to make sure that they are transitioning well.



    Meet Michael and Michelle

    Michael and Michelle had it in their eyes the eagerness to learn, however, none of them has ever stepped in a school before.

    When they were welcomed at Virlanie, they were enrolled at Magellan Learning Center, a center that prepares children before they go to school and provides them with tutorial services. This is where Michael and Michelle were taught to read, write, and count.

    Now that their love for learning is sprinkled with preparatory educational support, they are able to look forward for the future with confidence.

    You achieve KNOWLEDGE for children like Michael and Michelle when you donate.


    Magellan Learning Center

    MLC has a team of professional teachers who give children tutorials in Math, English, and other core subjects. The teachers also give additional lessons like Mental Math and computer lessons. Aside from the teachers, local and foreign volunteers also conduct one-on-one tutorial to children who need assistance in coping with the academic demands in school.


    Meet Jairah and her two children

    Jairah didn’t know where else to turn.
    Will she be trapped in this cycle of living in the streets?
    She had two children to think of, and was slowly running out of options.


    Thankfully, she met someone from Virlanie Foundation who invited her to a new training center that could train her in acquiring skills which could be income-generating, while simultaneously enabling her children with the necessary facilities to play and study with constant supervision.

    Now that she has the opportunity to earn income, Jairah is looking forward to a future where she can stand on her own two feet, for herself and for her children.

    You achieve EMPOWERMENT for mothers like Jairah when you donate


    iLead Open Day Center for Education & Training

    iLead ODC-ET is a fully-equipped education and training center where street and marginalized mothers and young adults receive skills-training that can enable them to generate income or open livelihood opportunities for themselves and their children. It aims to recruit, train, and support beneficiaries who are committed to making a positive change in their current economic situation.



Virlanie Virlanie Foundation

Virlanie Foundation is a private, non-profit organization reaching out to street children in the Philippines. Virlanie cares for children in need of special protection – those who are abandoned, abused, exploited, neglected, orphaned, and among the poorest of the poor.

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