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On July, 7th, 2017, Virlanie Foundation Inc. is launching its annual education campaign: #Give2Achieve. Our goal is to raise PHP 2,000,000 within two months, enabling us to fund three of our education programs for the coming year (the Magellan Learning Center, SiBuHi, and the Independent Living Program).




 Majority of street children are illiterate and have either never been enrolled, or have dropped out of the formal education system.
The lack of education and educational opportunities makes street children particularly vulnerable to trafficking, child labour, sexual abuse, exposure to HIV/AIDS and other STDs and police violence. It leaves profound effects on their overall development, and lessens their chance to become responsible independent adults.

Even though these realities are faced by street children, we still believe that they have high potential. They are just not given the same opportunities as other children. Virlanie believes that education and social inclusion are therefore key factors to balance social inequalities and break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.




Our programs are focused on helping former street children become school ready, job ready and life ready. Our programs provide children with both formal and non-formal education so they can acquire life skills that will give them vitality and courage, joy of life, confidence in the meaning of life, self-confidence and awareness of social behavior codes.

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With your help, educational opportunities for our children and young adults are within reach.
Here’s how you can play an active role to balance educational inequalities:


Our children need to achieve equal footing with other children: how to make them school ready?

Support tutorial classes

PHP 500 (10 USD)
6 months worth of tutorial classes from MLC for one Street child

PHP 1,000 (20 USD)
1 year in MLC for 1 child (Discovering Me, PreSchooler, Early Start) etc.

PHP 2,000 (40 USD)
1 year in MLC (Mental Math, Let’s Read and Count, Level up Class) for 2 children


Succes Story 

Success Story

Julio is a former street child. He used to roam around the streets of Metro Manila. At 11, he had never been to school. But his dream of finishing his studies never faded. When he lost his parents, and his grandmother was no longer capable of taking care of him, he was welcomed at Virlanie. This was the only time he was able to go to school.

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Unleash children’s talents and self-esteem through recreational activities


PHP 1,000 (20 USD)
          1 month of Arts & Crafts training for 3 kids

PHP 2,000 (40 USD)
          1 year sport activity for 1 child

PHP 2,500 (50 USD)
          6 Months worth of Choir training for one child

Succes Story

The Virlanie Choir is composed of children and young adults from the different Virlanie Homes and the outreach urban poor communities - individuals who have shown an exceptional inclination and passion for music.

The Choir has been created in August 2004 to perform at a benefit dinner in honor of Her Royal Highness Princess Caroline of Hanover. Since then, the Choir had sung at more than 70 events for companies, organizations, royalty, and most of all, for friends who have supported the Foundation. Back in 2013, 2015 and 2016, they even get the opportunity to perform in Europe for spring tours.

Read more about Virlanie Voice’s.


 Our young adults need to become job and life ready: how to achieve their independent living?

Help them become job ready through professional trainings


PHP 500 (10 USD)
1 Day worth of Computer Training for 1 Young Adult

PHP 1,000 (20 USD)
          Job readiness training (full training - 6 sessions) for 1 young adult

PHP 2,000 (40 USD)
          1 day of computer training for 20 young adults

Empower our young adults through life skills and leaderships trainings

PHP 2,000 (40 USD)
          Leadership training (full training) for 1 young adult

PHP 2,500 (50 USD)

          6 Months worth of ILP support to one beneficiary (Self Awareness Workshop, Goal Setting and Decision Making, etc.)


Succes Story

Paul arrived in Virlanie being 12 years old. He is now 18 and thanks to our Independent Living Program, Paul has already received a vocational skill training from Technical Educational and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) - DOLE. He started working in a massage clinic on October 2015 and right now he just started his new job as a cashier for a convenience store. He is saving his hard-earned money in order to prepare himself for independent living.

Read more about the story of Paul:

With our 25 years of experience in helping street children, we recognize that there is a need to invest in education and welfare. While we do our best to send each street child to formal school, we acknowledge that those children need special support to cope up in school. Not only do they need monitoring and tutorial classes to fill the educational gap they experience due to learning delays, but also strong support and encouragement to develop non-academic skills. All of our educational programs aim at the holistic development of the children, being tailor-fit to their needs and age.

With your support to Give2Achieve, you’re allowing street children to achieve knowledge, skills and attitude they need to become responsible and independent adults in the future. You GIVE them the means to ACHIEVE an equal footing with other children and you also help fight poverty and social indifference in a more global perspective




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