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Be A Volunteer

Be A Volunteer


Virlanie Foundation welcomes hundreds of Filipino and foreign volunteers each year.

Join us and be a part of this big team of advocates and participate in an exchange of skills, knowledge, and culture, with the Filipino staff, foreign and local volunteers working side by side. There are many opportunities at Virlanie to make a real difference to the lives of street children.

To become a volunteer, you need to:

  • be 18 years old at the start of your volunteering
  • communicate well in English
  • be self-reliant, dynamic, and adaptable.


For each volunteer mission, you need to have specific abilities. You can also propose your own mission if it fits with the needs of the children and the Foundation.

Virlanie encourages Filipinos to come and have a rewarding experience volunteering with the children of Virlanie.

You may want to help them catch up academically through our Magellan Learning Center, help out in one of the 8 homes for children, or offer your medical or dental expertise. The possibilities are endless. You can apply for one of the missions proposed on the vacancy list.

To apply as a volunteer, please send a curriculum vitae and the application form to our volunteer coordinator at :


On a Saturday in 2010, Jeena was in Divisoria for shopping and saw a bunch of people gathered in a park. She noticed that there were some agitations and activities going on. It was the Mobile Unit. She looked for it on the Internet and came to the Virlanie's office to offer her help. She first started to volunteer with the Mobile Unit every Saturday. She assisted the staff while they created activities. It was about proper grooming, proper hygiene, arts and academic stuffs like teaching and helping the children in English, reading and mathematics. She had volunteering for different programs of Virlanie since then like Babies and Todlet and she now helps the children of Masaya Home to do their homework.

"I always wanted to get involved, to do something productive during my free time and I liked kids but I did not really jump ahead. I get a sense of fulfillment when I am volunteering; it feels good when I'm helping especially when I see the eagerness they have to improve."

Filipino volunteer since 2010

Jeena declared that she has learnt in Virlanie to extend the help. Anyone can volunteer it is a matter of finding time to do it. She decided to share her experience with her friends and she was really proud that they have sponsored activities. She got to spread about Virlanie in her effective small circle.

There are three different kinds of statutes for foreign volunteers

1) You can become a volunteer through a specific contract sponsored by the French government (Volontariat de Solidarité Internationale (VSI). In order to do so, you need to be 18 years old and a European citizen. This contract allows you to receive a small monthly allowance, free accommodation, medical insurance, the plane ticket and all necessary visas.

Virlanie actually works with four VSI: Volunteer Coordinator, Sponsorship Officer, French Donor Relations Officer and French Communication Officer. If one of these positions gets available, the job description will be posted here: sponsorship officer.

2) You can apply for one of the missions proposed on the vacancy list. The duration of a mission can vary between 3 and 12 months. Except of the accommodation - you will be lodged in one of our volunteer houses (collective house share) – you must take charge of all your expenses. If you are interested by one of these missions, please send your CV and the to the volunteer coordinator:

3) You can also propose your own mission. In order to do so, please send your CV and the project description</a> for special missions to the volunteer coordinator <a href=">  

Do not hesitate to contact the volunteer coordinator for any additional questions:


"I was born in the Philippines and I lived here from age 0 to 5. My parents left for Australia for opportunities. I wanted to get involved in the Philippines. I needed to give back to my people. I could have give money compensation but I wanted to offer a little bit of myself. I looked for an NGO with a volunteer program and I found Virlanie. It looked that it would feed both of our needs. I help the children with their homework in mathematics, English, Reading and Tagalog. I have some great time with the kids at the school, when we played football. Even after the school I love when one child asks: "Kuya I need help for this or that" and after they are 6 or 7 all at the same time and you get threw it you show them and explain to them."

Rodolfo, Australian volunteer
3 months as teacher at the Magellan's Center



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