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Residential Programs

As soon as a child is entered in one of the Virlanie Homes, he/she will be provided with various services and programs to help empower him/her and live life to the fullest. This continues until the child eventually moves out of Virlanie through family reunification, adoption, foster care, or independent living. Each stage of the empowerment process is based on three poles: social work, education, and psychology. These work hand in hand to strategically guide the development of each child.

The Residential Program provides the children a home where they can feel secured, loved and taken care of through Virlanie’s unique family approach. The house parents and house aunts are in the home 24/7 to guide them every step of the way. The children are provided with their basic needs such as food, clothing, education, and healthcare.

Currently, Virlanie has eight homes that are divided into three clusters. Each cluster is designed for specific age groups to meet the different needs of the children. Most of these homes are located in Makati City, close to the Foundation’s head office. Virlanie also has a Home in Dasmarinas, Cavite, for physically- and mentally-challenged children.

CLUSTER 1: Homes for Babies and Young Children

These Homes care for infants, toddlers, and children below 12 years old. They aim to provide a safe place for young children who come from difficult situations and later achieve a higher rate of successful placement through family reunification, adoption, or foster care. This cluster cared for 126 children in 2015.



The Marco Polo Care Center is the first Home of children aged 4-6 years old when they are admitted to Virlanie. During their stay in the Homes, the Virlanie’s social workers handle their cases and assess whether they can be reunified with their families. If it is not possible, they will either be put up for adoption or stay in other Virlanie Homes for long-term care. They learn to live in a structured environment with rules, rights, and responsibilities.

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TANGLAW HOME (Herrod Home for Children I) & MASAYA Home (Herrod Home for Children II)

TANGLAW HOME (Herrod Home for Children I) & MASAYA HOME (Herrod Home for Children II)

Tanglaw Home was opened in March 1993, followed by Masaya Home in June 1995. These homes care for children aged 7-12 years old. They are the family homes of Virlanie where the children live and grow up with the house parents. All the children in these homes go to school and participate in extra-curricular activities.





The Babies and Toddlers Home was created in February 2013 after the Mother & Child Home and the Toddler Home were closed. The children from these homes were transferred to the new Babies and Toddlers Home.

This home cares for babies and toddlers who are 0-4 years old, as well as selected children with special needs. The toddlers are being prepared for school by participating in nursery or early starter classes at Virlanie's Magellan Learning Center.

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CLUSTER 2: Home for Young Adults

Cluster 2 cares for children aged 13 years and older, and those children with a history of abuse. These homes prepare the young adults for sustainable life through the dynamic and collaborative efforts of support programs such as the Independant Living Program (ILP). This cluster cared for 59 children in 2015.



The teenagers in this home are from from 13 to 18 years old and have mostly grown up in Virlanie's family Homes. Since May 1996, Ella Yallah has been a stable home for children as they finish their studies and prepare for an independent adult life.

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This Home was established in April 1993 to care for girls who came from difficult situations such as physical and/or sexual abuse. In addition to the fundamental services provided by the other Homes, specific care is dispensed to the girls of Elizabeth Home in order to treat the different traumas that they are going through. They are helped to overcome their psychological traumas and give them strength and self-confidence for a better future.

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CLUSTER 3: Homes for Children with Special Needs

These Homes care for children and adults with special needs, most of whom were abandoned because of their physical and mental disabilities. Virlanie provides them with the best possible care and offers them alternative programs to help them reach their full potential so they may be able to care for themselves and live productively. This cluster cared for 60 children in 2015.



Initially opened in November 1995 in Makati City, Jade Home was the first Home for children with special needs. However, to respond to the growing number of special children, the Home was transferred to Cavite City (south of Manila) to give way to Aime Home, which opened in 2006.

Jade Home is located in the countryside and offers children an appropriate lifestyle with enough space for therapeutic activities, and a garden for training and exercises.

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Most of the children in Aime Home came from the Reception and Action Center (RAC) of Manila or referred by other institutions. Some children are also being surrendered by their own families because they cannot deal with the social stigma and could not afford the expensive medical care and treatment for these special children.

The children have various activities such as educational programs and arts classes. They are also regularly involved in household tasks to teach them responsibility. They are guided by professional care providers towards an independent and fulfilling life.

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